Respawnables Elite Enemy 4 Mad Cop

Respawnables Elite Enemy 4 Mad Cop

Mad Cop is an elite enemy that is encountered after unlocking Snow Village.


Mad Cop Being Targeted.

Mad cop

Mad Cop's Equipment.


Riot Helmet - 5% Health

The Real Cop - 5% Accuracy

Beige Suit Pants - 2% Agility

Dual Machine Guns - a weapon with excellent Damage and Agility and moderate Range and Accuracy( can be bought at the store for 240 GoldIcon. )


  • Avoid direct confrontation with Mad Cop as his Dual Machine Guns will kill players quickly unless their armor rating exceeds 10% or if they are underneath his arms.
  • Confront Mad Cop at long range because Dual Machine Guns are very, very powerful at short/ medium range. It is best to use a weapon that has four bars of Range or three bars at a minimum.

Trivia Edit

  • His clothing is a reference to the Protagonist from the Die Hard Series except he is wearing a riot Helmet.

Replacement Level Edit

  • He will be replaced by Flame when the player reached level 21.
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