MX Weapons is one of the many weapon types in the game. Most of them are introduced in the Mexican Fiesta Update and Mexican Fiesta 2 Update.
  • Freedom Revolver
  • Dual Freedom Revolver
  • Armed Guitar Case
  • Rocket Guitar Case
  • Black-Naga
  • DV Carbine
  • 'Crafty' Handguns
  • Aztec Gauntlet
  • Aztec Fury
  • Freedom Revolver - A Revolver that sacrifices damage and rate of fire for increased range.
  • Dual Freedom Revolver - A dual counterpart of Freedom Revolver.
  • Armed Guitar Case - A powerful Heavy Weapon with very high Damage and large clip size but a slow fire rate.
  • Rocket Guitar Case - Unique rocket launcher with incredible fire rate and reload speed!
  • Black-Naga - A rifle which lacks a scope and has terrible accuracy, but deals extremely high damage
  • DV Carbine - Automatic carbine with bad Accuracy, but good Range and Damage!
  • ‘Crafty’ Handguns - A dual Handgun weapon with an active skill and poor damage.
  • Aztec Gauntlet - A powerful Magical Launcher with very long range.
  • Aztec Fury - A Heavy Weapon with a long effective range and high capacity but lower damage than the Armed Guitar Case.

Armor Effects Edit

Some armors effect MX Weapons with different ways:

Buffs Edit

Nerfs Edit

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