Do not open. This pack's content is Top Secret.
— Game Descriptions.

The Men in Black/MIB Special Agent Gear is a bundle based from the same movie franchise, and became available in the store in the Movie Content Update. The set costs real money and cannot be purchased with in-game currency. The set, when purchased as a bundle, costs $14.99 Dollar1.




This suit is helpful due to its large accuracy, which leaves some potential for sniping. It also compensates for the Tri Barrel Plasma Rifle's poor accuracy. The agility bonus on the weapons and MIB Pants also make it a good choice in using the Run And Gun. However, it makes you much more vulnerable due to the lack of a health bonus. Therefore, this equipment is rare, or never used in the multiplayer unless it is used by some people using uncommon equipment, or just for the looks. The Noisy Cricket it contains also deals great damage and is effective even against the most slightly wounded enemies.


  • It doesn't represent either Agent J nor Agent K from the franchise, however, it slightly resembles Agent K.
  • Snake Predator sometimes use the MIB Suit Jacket and MIB Pants on the battlefield.
  • It was included in the Movie Star's Sale 50% off on October 08, 2013
  • Before the Movie Content Update the armors from the bundle were actually called Special Agent armor!
    • Additionally, before the Movie Content Update, it was possible to purchase the armor with only GoldIcon!