The Le Cocotier Dual is a Launcher Weapon added in the The Lucky Map Quest (Update). It is the dual counterpart of the Le Cocotier. It is available through the Castaway Backpack Bundle. It fires unique coconut projectiles that can stun opponents.

Strategy Edit

A counterpart to the Le Cocotier is these Dual Weapons, doing much the same as the single variant, however having a slightly larger ammo pool. They have blunt shots with large projectiles that can stun enemies if they get hit, moreover these Launchers are best used in close ranges where the stunning ability and damage combined help make this a powerful weapon; unfortunately with that it is a very easy weapon to counter, having low range and accuracy, and an awkward projectile path where the coconuts bounce off of targets and walls (and are extremely circumstantial). At range these weapons lose a lot of a fighting chance.

Based on its design and true to it, these guns rely on a Run And Gun strategy; having only damage going for it, the user must rely on ambush tactics to take down unsuspecting enemies. Lastly these weapons stand almost no chance against Shotguns , Heavy Weapons , Assault Weapons , and Bows .

Analysis Edit

Advantages Edit

  • High damage per shot.
  • Coconuts stun enemies on hit.
  • High agility.

Disadvantages Edit


  • Strangely the developers of this weapon put "Dual" at the end of its title, instead of the front (making it more grammatically sound).
  • Is the dual variant of the Le Cocotier.
  • Is the base form of the Dual Snowgun.
  • This along with the Le Cocotier are the first blunt projectile weapons to be added.

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