The KM-O Rifle is a sniper rifle added during Cyber Tarantula 2019. It features a stealth gadget active skill.

The Weapon

This sniper rifle functions very similar to the Sniper Rifle, Anti Material Sniper, and the Semi-Automatic Sniper. It almost has the lock-on strength(auto-aim) of the Sniper Rifle, the scope magnification of the Anti Material Sniper while sporting the 2 clip size and mobility of the Semi-Automatic Sniper.


NOTE: The KM-O Rifle has auto-aim when not scoped, the lock on range is near to infinite but accuracy is only effective at close range, this is still not reliable as your bullet may still miss.


The weapon was made to specifically surprise your enemies. Use the active skill to sneak to spots around the map or sneak behind the enemy. Once you feel confident enough with your spot, take a target then run towards a different position.

Run and Gun

This tactic is possible with this weapon but you have to be really close to your desired target. Utilize the active skill to sneak up to your enemies and avoid direct gunfire. Be careful when using this tactic, other players may be using Spotter gadgets.



  • High damage.
  • Good scope magnification.
  • High mobility.
  • The weapon has auto-aim when not scoped-in. Giving the user a chance to defend themselves.
  • Decent reload speed.


  • Low clip size(2).
  • Can be inaccurate at longer range.
  • The auto-aim tends to knock your aim off your target.
  • Active skill takes 17 seconds to cooldown.


  • This is the first weapon to feature a stealth gadget as an active skill.
  • Armors and pets that have stats relating to Stealth works on the active skill.
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