A rifle added during Cyber Tarantula 2019 and in Trial 1, Tier 8, of Splash Wars 2. It features a slightly longer lasting stealth gadget as it's active skill.

Strategy Edit

One of the fewer new Rifles added to the game that have auto-aim for a sniper, and like most of those such rifles, it boasts great damage and range, and when scoped in, you take full advantage of the auto-aim, while also substantially increasing its unreliable accuracy. Unfortunately the auto-aim while out of scope is as stated, very poor, and if not cloaked or behind obstacles you can be an easy target as the bullet miss chance only increases the further you get from a target; even with Burning Spirit I this is still the case. Despite all that, it's intended purpose is still very much what keeps it so good, as you take on a Run And Gun ambush strategy. Moreover, this weapon has another setback, it's cartridge supply is only two making it very easy to overwhelm against a Speed build or heavy weapon.

With the strategy, the player should be relying on the Active Skill to conceal themselves against competitive players as well as against its weaknesses, like Bows, Launchers, and Heavy Weapons. In doing so the character becomes much less avoidable and very hard to spot without the Spotter gadget. More importantly though is that if another opponent does happen to reach your location before you can cloak again, use strafing as a way to not only avoid incoming bullets, but also increase your chances of hitting the enemy. Like most one-shot weapons though this weapon has one drawback; against the X-PI Mystic Bandages, Knight Cuirass, "El Buho" Pants, this weapon is forced to use it's second shot, which can render the user very vulnerable as the 2-shot clip is quickly depleted with any misfires. In the midst of all that, this weapon has something truly unique about it, when equipping Stealth the player has an infinite invisibility duration so long as they continue using the Active Skill every 15 seconds and don't shoot or get shot at.

Analysis Edit

Advantages Edit

  • High damage.
  • Good scope magnification.
  • High mobility.
  • The weapon has auto-aim when not scoped-in. Giving the user a chance to defend themselves.
  • Decent reload speed.
  • Armors with stealth related buffs affect the active-skill.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Low clip size.
  • Reduced accuracy at longer ranges.
  • The auto-aim tends to knock your aim off your target.
  • Active skill takes 15 seconds to cool down.
  • Enemies can still lock on to you while you're invisible.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first weapon to feature a stealth gadget as an active skill.
  • To get the most out of this weapons strategy and Active skill use Cyber Ninja Mask + Cyber Ninja Breastplate + any legs + #024 Vicky + Stealth; as even while clocked out of the Active Skill due to your shots fired, the invisibility will last much longer and be far more beneficial every time you activate it again, unless you die.

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