The Hungry Nian is a another type of normal Nian that has a chance to spawn upon killing the player. Unlike the normal Nian the Hungry Nian is a mobile target and will evade capture from other players similar to the Slimer from the Ghostbusters 30th (Event).

Killing them gives 500 Good Fortune Points without any multiplier.


Pretty much the same as its distant cousin (kind of), the Slimer, this Nian moves around the map once spawned. Although, unlike its cousin, this Nian does not speed up when shot by any explosive weapons like the Howitzer Gun and Thumper. It will speed up only when it got hit by other non-explosive weapons, with an exception of the Fire Fist.

To take down this Nian, it requires 4 shots from the Howitzer Gun, 2 to 3 shots from the Thumper, and 4 to 6 shots from the Fire Fist.

Best weapon to use is either the Howitzer Gun or the Thumper. Although people choose the first one, as it outranks the latter in term of rate of firing and the ammo capacity.



  • It has the same sound effects as the Slimer.
  • A glitch ocassionally causes the Hungry Nian to speed up when provoked with Zap Guns
  • Fire Fist does not speed it up, even after a few shots.

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