Hordes is a new game mode introduced in Zombies vs. Zombies Update. Players will have to defeat hordes of zombies in a team of four.

Zombie HordesEdit

The zombies will spawn near to you and your teammates position, so be careful as the zombies come in different types. Zombies are immune to all status effects and most weapons except Fire weapons and zombie tagged weapons.

Zombie Types Edit

Please be informed that these names of zombie types are not official.

Zombies come in four different types, distinguishable by the color of their outlines:

  • Regular Zombie: The normal zombie in the game, inflicts moderate damage and has moderate health, has a blue outline.
  • Z.F Zombie: Has more health than the Regular Zombie, and attacks very quickly;, has a blue outline.
  • Biker Zombie: Goes directly for the player and initiates a self-destructive attack, dealing very high damage; has a red outline.
  • Vicenzo Caesar Zombie: Has the most health out of the four, inflicts moderate damage and is incredibly hard to take down; has a yellow outline.


  • Try to kill the zombies as soon as you can, as they can regenerate their health if not damaged for a period of time.
  • If you can, ignore the Vicenzo Caesar Zombies and focus on other more dangerous zombies such as Biker Zombies.
    • Biker Zombies can be distinguished by their quacking sound.
  • The zombies get tougher as the timer counts down, so stay close to your teammates and work together.
  • Use the Fire Molotov to damage groups of injured zombies. Refrain from using them on single or full health zombies.
  • Using the Medic Hat and Medic Jacket with Medikits or Immunity Shields is a good combo to stay alive longer.

Changes Edit

  • A yellow duck was added on the heads of the Biker Zombies.
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