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The Holiday Update 2015 (or the Winter Camp Update) was released on 11th of December 2015. This is the third annual Christmas-themed Update, ever since 2013. It brought an Event similar to the Summer Camps and Halloween Haunt Events, a total of five bundles, one new skin for the Scoped Assault Rifle and a new weapon called SMG Howling, which is the final prize of the Event. Some items from the past Christmas Updates also made a return.

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The jolliest time of the year is here. Join us at the Winter Camp to celebrate the holidays!

Join the Respawnables team and complete this festive four-trial training camp to win lots of prizes for free:

  • Get the complete Cadet Set: Excel at the Camp and be part of the team by getting this initiation gear for your efforts. Simply the best present under the tree! - The new SMG Howling: These holidays, graduate from camp and win this exclusive final prize weapon, an ultra-light sub-machine gun with a super-fast fire rate!
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- Look out, Santa is back! Get the complete original Santa’s Set with its +15% Health just by playing the event. Jolly Gadgets: Get tons of Elf Grenades, Holiday Candies, Spotters, Medikits and Stealths to fill your stocking. Plus, loads of Cash and Gold for everyone who’s been naughty or nice!

Winter Camp is a good time to recruit new members from the Respawnables Team!

Get ready for the amazing End of the Year Collection! Missed an Event? Couldn’t make it all the way? No worries! These limited time bundles are every collector’s dreamt gift!

This holiday season Santa Claus is coming to town… Holiday Town that is! Play festive matches on this holiday season themed map decorated with merry props, fireworks, special lighting, particle effects and seasonal music.

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