The Heavy Tangler is a new heavy weapon that was released as the grand prize of the event Winter Camp 2019. As the name implies, the weapon has the capability to slow down players to 0.5 agility for a very short moment by "tangling" them with strings of yarn.


  • The weapon performs mediocre without buffs, Masteries included, the weapon has a low damage per "string" but the clip size of 200 makes up for it.
  • This weapon is best suited for a supporting role in Team Versus. The operator can slow down the opposing team while hiding behind a wall. The only problem is that the weapon has a limited effective range, meaning damage dealt to the opposing players will be very low but will still be slowed.
  • One can neutralize the slowing effect of the weapon with armors that negate stun effect.



  • High clip capacity(200).
  • Has slowing effect.
  • Decent agility.


  • Sluggish reload, 4 seconds.
  • Range is mediocre.
  • Effective range is mediocre.
  • Can be nerfed by multiple armors.
  • Slowing effect can be neutralized by some armors.


  • The player's character shakes violently when firing the weapon.
  • It shares the firing sound with BB-A-WA and Slime Blower.

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