The Heavy Maskaleon is a Heavy Machine Gun released in the Carnival 2018(Update as a part of the Brazilian Scrapper Gear. It shares similar abilities with the Maskaleon Rifle and the Parade Shotgun, as these weapons change according to the carnival mask the player has equipped.

Strategy Edit

To a much more fitting counterpart to the Maskaleon Rifle , this incredibly powerful Heavy Weapons was issued, dealing massive damage to mid to close range targets with the proper Carnival Mask equipped. together with said mask (and depending on which type) this weapon received amazing buffs that made it very hard to compete with, however to reduce its highly effective damage and range, the accuracy had a tremendous blow to it, being near the same as the siege cannon, however this gun not gaining much accuracy while standing still! Despite that flaw this weapon has such a good rate of fire and cartridge supply that missing in of itself is hard to do. So in other words the closer the user is the more devastating this weapon becomes.

Although mentioned that range is key with this weapon, so is keeping distance from others as well, because why get close when the player can pick off enemies from a great distance with excellent damage? In saying that, the best strategy for this weapon is Camping - with everything but accuracy this weapon still musters an amazing fighting chance toward the opposition. However while in a standstill be on the look out for Launchers , Shotguns , and Bows

Ammo Types Edit

No Mask : Regular Bullets

Supply Carnival Mask : Energy+Healing Ammo

Aggressive Carnival Mask : Fire Ammo

Wind Carnival Mask : Poison Ammo


  • Mediocre Damage
  • No Other Effects


  • Poor Damage
  • Good Healing Power


  • Amazing Damage
  • Short but powerful damage over time effect


  • Amazing Damage
  • Highly effective damage overtime effect

Weapon AnalysisEdit


  • Good clip size (75).
  • Good damage, but only when using fire and poison ammo.
  • Fast rate of fire.
  • Can heal allies and damage enemies without changing ammunition in Team Vs when using energy+healing ammo.
  • Fire and poison ammo can both do damage over time, although, poison ammo deals more damage over time than fire ammo.
  • Infinite range, coupled with no damage drop-off at long range.
  • Auto-aim works for all ranges.
  • Very fast reload speed for a heavy weapon.
  • Good agility, despite stats.


  • Extremely Low accuracy, making long range kills hard to get.
  • Requires different masks to be used effectively.
  • Energy+healing ammo and normal ammo do not do a lot of damage.
  • No matter what ammo you use, this weapon's damage can be nerfed by 60% when Medic Jacket (30% nerf for all weapons when using a support Gadget) and Leprechaun's Leggings (30% nerf for all heavy weapons) are both worn.
  • With energy+healing ammo, this weapon's damage can be nerfed with energy-nerfing gears such as the Ghostbusters Jacket.
  • With fire ammo, this weapon's damage can be nerfed with fire-nerfing gears such as the Infamous Captain & Sandman Eyes.
  • With poison ammo, this weapon's damage can be nerfed with poison-nefing gears such as the Knight Greaves & Sandman Cuirass.
  • Against the Aztec Necklace Fire & Poison ammo damage is nullified during the duration of the Medikit's activation.


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