A Magical Ammo Bow Weapon added in the Carnival 2019 Update. it was available during Carnival 2019 for $14.99(USD) Dollar1 in the Cupid Pack and $49.99(USD) Dollar1 in Myths and Demons

Strategy Edit

Much like the Utra-Adder, this weapon has weak accuracy with it's base shot, but when you begin to pull back the string it becomes far more powerful. Like most bows this weapon has one ammo in the clip, sadly the reload of this bow is slightly longer than the others. Do not let that discourage you though as it's main take-away is it's magical proprieties and active skill.

Under normal circumstances this weapon should be played as if you are Camping, the high damage, slow reload, low initial accuracy, and amazing range help this weapon take out even the strongest tank mains as it rips through their bulking Medic Jackets, and even against the Knight Cuirass, this weapon has a major advantage, it's active skill, when hitting such a target, it will reduce their weapons damage by 90%! On top of that with the Pack included you can run across the battlefield in record timing, dodging the dangers of poison with the Helmet, keeping you on the thread of life, and the body can make use of a stealth build, allowing you to take down a competitive player.

When the player relies on this bow for their damage, be sure to avoid getting into close range firefights as your base accuracy is bad and the reload can greatly reduce your efficiency to hit targets, stay away from the dangers of Shotguns and Heavy Weapons, be on the lookout for open areas where rookies may run, and keep a tight defense, making sure that your location is secure, and will not be interpreted by other bow users and assault weapons



  • Great damage
  • Amazing range
  • Active Skill reduces targeted enemy weapon damage by 80%!
  • Fast pull-back
  • Active skill returns in only five seconds


  • One arrow
  • Poor accuracy
  • Is overcome in close combat quickly

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first Active Skill to reduce a single targets damage.
  • This is the first magical bow.
  • Interestingly, Eros is the Greek equivalent of the Cupid, being the God of love.

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