Handguns are light weapons with high Agility and short ranges. They excel in short to medium range combat; more so in the latter due to the smaller damage fall-off compared to Shotguns. Handguns are very precise and have narrow cross-hairs, necessitating more practice and skill than Shotguns, which have very wide cross-hairs.

  • Dual Pistols
  • Revolver
  • Haunted Guns
  • Toxic Guns
  • Freedom Revolver
  • Silver Wolf
  • Outlaw Revolver
  • Pocket Pistol
  • Zapper
  • Blaster
  • Night Screech
  • Atarot Handgun
  • Alien Eye Pistol
  • Fire Spitter
  • Poison Dart Handgun
  • Hunter Handgun
  • Dark Matter Gun
  • Stun Blaster
  • Golden Pistol
  • Dual Golden Pistols
  • Burning Handgun
  • Dual Freedom Revolvers
  • 'Crafty' Handguns
  • Dual Revolvers
  • Hand Handgun
  • Dual Flintlock Pistols
  • Darkness Combo Guns
  • Dual Hand Handguns
  • Dual Blasters
  • W.P.D Pistol
  • Dual Energy Pistols
  • Dual Vamp Handguns
  • Dark Doctor Handgun
  • PYS-TL
  • PYS-TL Silenced
  • Thompkin 45
  • Dual Soaker Pistols
  • Clovers Cloner
  • Triple Barrel Pistol
  • BB-A-WA

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Handguns can be affected by certain armors:

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