The Hand Grenade Fest 3 Update  was released on the 1st of September 2016. It features a two-trial event, which is similar to the Soccer Madness (Update).

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Listen up Soldiers! Hand Grenade Fest is Here! And it’s going to be a Blast!!

These 2 weeks of explosive fun will test your skills using hand thrown explosives! Blow up your enemies and collect Weapons, Skins and Gadgets for Free!

Want to progress quicker through the event? Arm yourself with the latest equipment to blast your way through the event.


Equip this set for extra Health, Accuracy and Agility! The New Drill Instructor Hat will also increase your Grenade throwing speed by 10%, the Bodywill reduce damage caused by Hand Thrown Explosives by 30% and the Legs will decrease the Hand Thrown Gadget cooldown speed by 30%!! Plus, you will be equipped with a New SMG Howling Skin. All you need to survive this explosive madness.

If you don’t pull the pin and manage to blast your way to the end, you will be rewarded with the Final Event Prize - the New Automatic Grenade Launcher!

-- Enjoy the explosive fun! New updates and events coming soon! --

New ChangesEdit

  • The Medikit was nerfed in this update!
    • This gadget was nerfed in a major way-so instead of restoring the player's health IMMEDIATELY, it will takes 1.5 seconds to heal HALF of the player's health first, and then go on and restores the full health. Furthermore, player can NOT press the fire button WHILE HEALING, thus, many have said that it became a "balanced" gadget now.
    • The healing will keep on for up to 5 seconds (assuming you keep receiving damages but not too high) or until the health is fully replenished.
    • However, it was changed so as of now, you can fire your weapon while being healed.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the 3rd Hand Grenade Fest update!
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