The Event has FINISHED

This is the page for the event released on August 2014, if you're looking for the one released on November, head to Hand Grenade Fest 2. If you're looking for the third one, see Hand Grenade Fest 3

1000px-Grenad Fest

Hand Grenade Fest

The Hand Grenade Fest is an event that started with the Grenade Fest Update. The main objective is to kill as many enemies as you can with grenades, including the Hand Grenade, Super Grenade, Halloween Grenade, Easter Grenade, Super Easter Grenade, and the all-new Ultra Grenade. A kill with Death From Below counts too.


Tier Prize Grenade Kills Required
1 50 x Halloween Grenades 5 Grenade Kills
2 25 x Super Grenades 15 Grenade Kills
3 25 x Ultra Grenades 25 Grenade Kills
4 New Flaming Hot Howitzer Gun Skin 75 Grenade Kills
5 Anti-Explosive Pants 125 Grenade Kills
6 Anti-Explosive Vest 200 Grenade Kills
7 Anti-Explosive Mask 275 Grenade Kills
8 Thumper 350 Grenade Kills
Total 1,070 Grenade Kills


  • Many people used the Stake Launcher along with Hand Grenades in this festival as it is the best way to obtain grenade kills
  • This event is one of the hardest event that have appeared in Respawnables (First, it need a lot grenade and also at that time, only a handful player got a Stake Launcher.) Thus, only a small amount of player really got a Thumper.


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