Hammer's Equipment.

Respawnables Elite Enemy 3 Hammer

Respawnables Elite Enemy 3 Hammer

Hammer is an elite enemy in who carries the Missile Launcher, which contains a four shot magazine allowing him to strafe you. If you see him, running in a zig zag is your best option besides sniping him at long range. Another option is to purchase the Bazooka which can lower Hammer's Health by 25% or if the bot Vulcan Dynamite weakens him enough for the player to shoot a second shot with the Bazooka which can kill Hammer instantly as long as his Health is lowered by a large amount and if the shot hits him directly.



Hammer In A Corner.


  • Both Rex and Hammer are immune to the collision exploit meaning that attacking them underneath their arms is more of a death sentence due to their explosive weapons.
  • The Missile Launcher  has four shells encased which allows him to kill 3-4 bots before reloading. The reload speed is fairly slow, giving players the chance to strike back.

Replacement Level Edit

Hammer is replaced as soon as Snow Village is unlocked, his elite enemy replacement is Mad Cop


  • His appearance is similar to the protagonist in the Terminator movie that goes back in time to save John Connor from death.
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