The best equipment to join this eternal battle.
— Game Descriptions.
  • The Halloween Sets Collection In Menu.
  • The Loading Screen Showing The Bundle.
The Halloween Sets Collection is a bundle that was released as soon as the Halloween Haunt Event started.

This is a limited time offer and purchasing this bundle costs $11.99 Dollar1. The content could also be earned separately by completing the tiers of the Event. The owner skips the 3rd, 5th and the 7th tiers of the first and second Week of the Halloween Haunt.

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It is recommended that you do not buy this bundle if you have already completed week one and week two of the Halloween Haunt 2015.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the second bundle to bring back all the Halloween Armors to the Game. First being the Warlock Gear & Monster Gear, of Halloween Update (2014).
  • The armors of this Bundle cannot be bought separately during the Halloween Haunt Event.
  • This bundle won't be considered worth it as the items can be claimed after completing the tiers and the tier requirements are easy enough.

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