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The Halloween Grenade is a special gadget that was available during the Halloween Update 2013 and 2014. They cost 750 Cash icon and when thrown, it takes only 1 second to detonate, a flare marking its location before detonating and marking the location of any player caught in the blast, assuming they survived. After the Update, they have been removed from the store but are still usable if you had purchased and kept them before the Update. Though the Grenade Fest Update has brought these wonder grenades back into Respawnables.
Halloween grenade image

The Halloween grenade

Advantages Edit

It has a flare to signify where it is going. The radius is slightly bigger, allowing more hits and tags victims with bats, easily tracking down camo in Snow Village.


Along with normal frag problems, some people may find the smaller fuse debilitating. It has 75% damage of the frag, and can be useless unless flanking or trapping someone with barrels. It takes longer to reload, and the flare can give away the position. Whether you want this, the frag, or something else is a matter of personal preference.

Respawnables - Halloween Grenades

Respawnables - Halloween Grenades


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