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The first true super villain of Respawnables, many had speculated that it was the Monarch's Set, but now a hacker has emerged from the darkness; how fitting for a villain! The Set was purchasable for $14.99(USD) Dollar1 during Overflow; and again in Summer Camp 7, Trial 3 for $9.99(USD) Dollar1.

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As part of a growing weapon class the Owl emerged, and with it a new set of bonuses were added to the game, the gear itself is above average, with two bonuses being relatively new to the game. Take on a Run And Gun strategy with this Set, as your headgear reduces movement speed for enemies up close, the Jacket making the swing of melee weapons slightly faster, and the Legs making use with event drops. A solid bundle that can be the stepping stones for many more advancements towards the melee class.

On the other hand there is this melee weapon that boasts a big game with its active skill, but has merely decent damage and durability, all at the cost of protection, making you highly susceptible to Bows, Assault Weapons, and Heavy Weapons. As expected, this weapon is best used in a Run And Gun despite your low protection the player can go in shields up, or highly offensive.

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  • This bundle not only received its own event, but Respawnables highlighted the character as the most veil character in the game and the Bots followed his motives, wearing masks that resemble Owls.

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