The Grenade Fest Update was introduced on May 28th, 2014 and includes a new weapon and a bundle that has 30% health with a 60% resistance to explosives. Also, it comes with a powerful grenade that can only be purchased through an Apple Store transaction at the price of $1.99 Dollar1 for every 25 Ultra Grenades.

Fest Logo

The logo during the Grenade Fest Update

Grenade Update

New FeaturesEdit

Weapons Edit

  • Thumper (a grenade launcher with excellent damage, great range, moderate accuracy and moderate agility)

Weapon Skins Edit


  • Ultra Grenade (deals the most damage compared to other grenades)




Hand Grenade Fest Edit

Like the Easter egg event the Grenade Fest event involves killing other players with HandHeld Explosives including the death from below skill but not Any Explosive Weapon as this will not drop the necessary kills to unlock the excluded weapon and bundle. You can kill people with Super Easter, Regular Easter, Halloween, Hand, Super and Ultra Grenades. The Grenade Feast Event will only last for 24 Days before the Thumper and Ultra Grenade are removed from the game.



Pre UpdateEdit

The Respawnables Facebook PhotosEdit

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