The Google Maps T-Shirt is the 7th body armor in the game.

It became permanentaly available during the Urban Update exclusive for Android Respawnables players only.

It is unlocked at level 5, although you can equip it at level 1 without paying any extra gold fees, which makes it useful for new players. 

Additionally it provides a 2% Agility boost.
  • Google Maps T-Shirt in the menu
  • Google Maps T-Shirt (Front Side)
  • Google Maps T-Shirt (Back side)
  • Google Maps T-Shirt (in menu)
  • Google Maps T-Shirt in Loading Scree


The T-Shirt is a light blue colored one with a white map printed on the front side, going over to the back side of the T-Shirt.

In the front you can see the blue of the sea (as shown on most maps) and various coutries in map format, including Portugal, Spain, part of France and Italy and part of northern Africa.

You can also see a red map marker in Spain, which is pointing on one of Spain's biggest cities, Barcelona.

The back is covered with various more European countries on a map including part of Turkey.

You can also see a wristwatch on the left arm, which is showing approximately 8 PM.

Trivia Edit

  • The map marker on the front side is pointing on Barcelona, a reference to where the developers of The Respawnables are located.
    • On Android Server this Shirt and the Android Equipment marks the player as beginner, since mostly beginners are wearing those.
    • It's one of the only Armor pieces that are free.
    • It is exclusive for Android players only, meaning only Android users will be able to equip this.

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