The Golden Sniper is one of the two new golden weapons added in the The Big Map Quest (Update). This weapon is obtainable by reaching the 5th Prestige Rank (Level 300).

Strategy Edit

Being the golden variant of the classic Sniper Rifle, the Golden Sniper features a slightly higher damage and larger clip size. The Golden Sniper retain the traditional bolt-action fire from the Sniper Rifle, thus lowering its fire rate. Its damage might not be as good as you think as it cannot kill Masked Viper in one shot.

Best used from a distance, using this weapon in large maps may be a good idea. Try to snipe enemies that are coming towards you. Do not snipe enemies from afar as the damage drop off allows your enemy to survive a shot, while giving away your location.

Weapon Analysis Edit

Advantages Edit

  • High Damage per shot; able to take out oppenents with one headshot or two bodyshots.
  • Big clip size
  • Fast reload speed
  • Decent Agility for a sniper rifle

Disadvantages Edit

  • Slow fire rate
  • Ineffective in close-quarters combats
  • Nerfed by some armors
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