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The Golden Blunderbuss is one of the four golden weapons released on the Summer Camp 4 (Update). It can only obtained by reaching the third Prestige Rank. It sports excellent damage, moderate range, moderate accuracy and excellent agility

Strategy Edit

The Golden Blunderbuss is an upgraded version of the standard Blunderbuss, sporting a faster fire rate, higher damage, and most importantly, better range. Use this gun as you would use the standard Blunderbuss by using the Run And Gun strategy, but the increased range will help your score more kills in certain situations that the standard Blunderbuss couldn't. However, the clip is still the same as the standard Blunderbuss, and while the range is better, it is still not completely ideal for larger maps such as Frozen Bay.



  • Extremely high Damage at close range, requiring 1-2 shots max to kill an enemy
  • Decent Range for a shotgun
  • High Agility
  • Fast RoF and reloading speed
  • Buffed by some equipments


  • Shares the same number of ammo as its predecessor (2)
  • Poor Accuracy.
  • Nerfed by some equipments, to the point where it can be fully neutralised
  • Very short range, although longer than its weaker predecessor.

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