For the standard version of this weapon, go to Bazooka.

The Golden Bazooka is a launcher weapon that was introduced in The Big Map Quest Update. It can be obtained by reaching level 50 at the Fourth Rank and claiming the next rank.
  • Bazooka (upper) and Golden Bazooka (lower)
  • Getting killed by the "Golden Bazooka"

Analysis Edit

Advantages Edit

  • High damage per shot, allowing the user to take out low armored players with one projectile.
  • Infinite range.
  • High agility.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Small clip size (1).
  • The damage can be reduced by armors which grant the opponent explosive resistance.
  • The user has to level up 250 times in order to obtain it.
  • No auto-aim.

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Trivia Edit

  • The damage of this weapon is capable of taking out low armored player similar to the Air Cannon, but has slightly lower damage than the Thumper.
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