The Ghostbusters Trap is a new Gadget introduced in the Ghostbusters 30th Event. These can only be purchased with real life money or by earning them in the Ghostbusters events. When used, they suck in and kill all ghosts and enemies around it. These cost $2.99 Dollar1 for a pack of 25.

Strategy Edit

Place these down in place where there is multiple enemies, or more specifically, when you're surrounded by lots of enemies about to run towards you. These take a while to activate but once it does, it sucks in all enemies and ghosts within its radius and kills them. Use these for slow enemies or for the tough Stay Puft Marshmallow Man as it will kill anything it sucks in. Despite the power of these gadgets, these are quite easy to avoid, as the gadget takes a while to activate. The effective radius is not too large, so it is possible to escape it. As these are hard to earn, it is recommended that you save these for the Marshmallow man.


Respawnables - Ghostbusters Trap

Respawnables - Ghostbusters Trap

Trivia Edit

  • Although this item is rare in nowadays, it is still proven to be extremely effective as a trap.
  • In the real Ghostbusters movie, this trap can only be used on ghosts.
  • Newbies and low-leveled players are commonly seen wasting it in multiplayer matches.
  • Once you got caught, nothing can save you except if this gadget stops sucking when you got caught, or when there's a barrier/wall between you and the trap (in that case, the wall will "block" you and stop you from being sucked in. Even with Immunity Shield on, or with the MIB Noisy Cricket's harsh recoil, you CANNOT escape it, once you got caught.
  • In the Chinese New Year (Event), these traps can suck up the Nian Beasts!
  • For Chinese New Year 2 people have been seen using these to "steal" points and boost themselves up the tiers by placing them near Great Nians.
  • If you stand directly on top of a trap and it activates, you will die as you would've been killed normally (Your body will not float around and will lie on the ground)
  • It can be used to kill Elite Enemies, however it can be a waste but still get the job done.
  • You cannot kill Fluffy using this gadget. Using this gadget will only suck Fluffy to it but not killing it.


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