The Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Update is an update that was released on the 28th of August 2014. It was released to promote and celebrate the 30th anniversary of the 1984 American supernatural comedy film Ghosbusters. It also bought out the Ghostbusters 30th (Event)

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The logo during the Ghostbusters update

Ghostbuster 30th Logo

New FeaturesEdit


  • Plasma Shotgun (an energy shotgun with excellent damage, poor range and accuracy but great agility)

The Plasma Shotgun equipped by a player


  •  Updated Egon's Ghostbusters Kit (It contains the Ghostbusters set which provides 10% accuracy and 5% agility and a Proton Gun. The set also provides 50% damage reduction and immunity from slow down effects of energy weapons and tracks ghosts in the map.)




  • Updated Ecto Goggles (provides 5% agility and tracks all ghosts in the map)
  • Updated Ghostbusters Jacket (provides 5% accuracy and reduces 50% of the damage caused by energy weapons)
Updated Ghostbusters Kit


  • Ghosts can be confronted and captured at Free For All mode in Multiplayer temporarily.
  • Medals were temporarily removed from Free For All mode.
  • The Automatic Shotgun was given it's own equip animation. Previously, it used the Assault Rifle's.
  • The Zap Gun, Proton Gun, and the Stake Launcher's slowdown effects were buffed. They slow down even more and the duration persists a few seconds after firing is stopped.
Ghostbusters Prizes


Ghostbusters' Trap cut
  • This update caused a huge glitch that caused several players to play a single match.
  • An update was released on September 20, 2014 to fix the bugs and glitches and so that the game would support iOS 8. The Ghostbusters 30th was also extended to 16 days when the update was aired.


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Respawnables Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Update - iOS Android - HD Gameplay Trailer

Respawnables Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Update - iOS Android - HD Gameplay Trailer

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Respawnables Ghostbusters Event - Plasma Shotgun Review!-0

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