The Ghostbusters' 35th Anniversary is an event that was released with the Ghostbusters' 35th Anniversarsary Update and went live on 27 June 2019.

Like the two Ghostbusters events before, this event involves players collecting Ectoplasm by capturing Ghosts, Slimers and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Energy weapons deal increased damage to them, and allows the player to complete the event faster.

Unlike the other Ghostbusters events, this event is split into 4 trials each lasting 1 week, instead of 1 trial lasting 1 month.

During this event, the Ray's Ghostbusters Equipment, Ghastly Pack, Grisly Ghost, Soul Hunter Pack, Slimer (Pet), Ghostbusters New Kit, Ghostbusters Weapons Pack and Egon's Ghostbusters Kit were on sale.

Trial 1

Tier Prize Ectoplasm Required
1 x10 GoldIcon Ectoplasm
2 5x Ghost Clamp Traps Ectoplasm
3 5x Proton Grenades Ectoplasm
4 x20 GoldIcon Ectoplasm
5 5x Ghost Clamp Traps Ectoplasm
6 Ectoplasm-Gold Converter Ectoplasm
7 5x Proton Grenades 20,000 Ectoplasm
8 Dual Energy Pistols (+Ectoplasm skin) 35,000 Ectoplasm
9 Ghostbusters T-shirt 2019 (W) 70,000 Ectoplasm
Total Ectoplasm
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