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For the 2014 Event, check out Ghostbusters 30th.

Ghostbusters is the Event released for the Ghostbusters (Update). It started on the 14th of July 2016. Similar to Ghostbusters 30th (Event), the main task is to collect as much Ectoplasm from the Ghosts, which sometimes spawn when a player is killed, as possible in order to win the tier prizes and progress in the Event. Energy-Based Weapons and Gadgets do more Damage to the Ghosts, thus allowing you to collect ectoplasm faster.

Tiers Edit

Tier Ectoplasm Required Prize
1 1000 5x Proton Grenade
2 2000 Plasma Punch + Skin
3 3000 5x Ghostbusters Trap
4 4000 5x Ghost Clamp Traps
5 5000 Ghostbusters T-shirt '84 (B)
6 8000 10x Ghostbusters Trap
7 13,000 10x Ghost Clamp Trap
8 21,000 Plasma Shotgun
9 34,000 10x Proton Grenade
10 55,000 15x Ghostbusters Trap
11 89,000 Ectoplasm-Gold Converter
12 144,000 15x Ghost Clamp Trap
13 233,000 15x Proton Grenade
14 377,000 Ghostbusters T-shirt '84 (W)
Total 989,000

30x Ghost Clamp Trap
30x Proton Grenade
30x Ghostbusters Trap
Plasma Punch + Skin
Ectoplasm-Gold Converter
Ghostbusters T-shirt '84 (B) and Ghostbusters T-shirt '84 (W)

Trivia Edit

  • Although Energy-Based Weapons deal 2x damage against ghosts, many players used non-Energy Weapons.
  • In the last week of the event, the The Protector's Kit was brought back into the store for $14.99 Dollar1.
  • Additionally, during the last 4 days of the event, the Spec Ops Pack was brought back for $9.99 Dollar1.

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