Cross over to the other side and haunt them with this incredible gear!
— Game Description
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The Ghost Pack is a bundle added in the Spooky Nights update and can be purchased for $14.99 Dollar1

Contents Edit

  • Ghost Armor - 20% Agility, increases reload speed by 30% and movement speed by 7% when carrying Rocket Launchers.
  • Ghost Cannon

Listings Edit

Here are list of prices the bundle was sold and when it was available for purchase.  The list will be updated as the bundle makes another return or sold at a different price.

Note: Prices may vary on your region.


  • The bundle as featured in the game's loading screen!


  • The armor pieces that make up this armor are: Newbie Jacket (Green), Combat Helmet and the Private Pants (Green), otherwise known as one of the figures feature on the Store's page for the game!
    • Thus, its the only whole-bodied armor in the game that is consisted of other armor pieces in the game.
    • The armor is semi-transparent and glows thus easy to be spotted in dark themed map.
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