The Ghost Clamp Trap is a gadget that was introduced in the Ghostbusters Event and can be earned either as tier prizes, can be purchased separately for $2.99 Dollar1(for 25 of them) or through the Ghostbusters Weapons Pack for $39.99 Dollar1.

A cousin of the Ghostbusters Trap, this new handy Gadgets is a combination of both that and the Trap Medal. While acting as a Ghostbusters Trap, it will suck in any nearby players; afterwards, it will explode (if one is too close to the trap) on contact if there's still enemy around whom were lucky enough to surive the Trap's suction.

Trivia Edit

  • Because the trap is activated when an opponent is close to it, many players usually place it at spawn points to get kills "easier" when the enemy respawns.
  • Just like its cousin, the Ghostbusters Trap, it's capable of killing any opponent, even when they have Immunity Shield on!
  • It got nerfed in the Cyber Menace Update. It now disappears after six seconds after it placing it.
  • Getting a double kills from separate traps!
  • An in-game looks at the gadget.
  • Best way to "prevent" this gadget is to kill the user before they plant it!

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