The Game Center is a big thing for iOS users in order to play the game. This page will explain the importance of it and the achievements that can be achieved by the player.

Saving Your ProgressEdit

The Game Center will save your progress in the game. If you ever have to re-install the game's app in the future, you will not lose your progress. All you have to do is make sure you logged in your account, and saved your progress in game before the uninstallment of the game. Then, when you re-install it, make sure you are still logged in your previous Game Center account. It must be the same account. Later, the game will ask either to load your saved progress or not (either Info on Internet or Info on Device). Choose the Info on Internet. Then you are good to go with your saved progress!

To save, make sure you have a good internet connection. Then, buy something from the shop, preferably gadgets. Then, a green glowing progress icon will show up with a tick mark. If it is not saved or the internet connection is just too poor, it will appear red with a cross mark.


You can add friends with Game Center. Friends that have installed Respawnables app and play it, will be your friends in the game, too! You can check it at the Friends at the main menu. Besides that, you can invite them and team up with them in the Team Vs Multiplayer mode!


Your achievements will be displayed here. The best part is, you can challenge your friends! Besides, through the challenge, you are abled to send some private messages to them, either about the challenge or about something else.


You can earn points through this game, by completing the achievements. Besides this game, other games from the Apps Store can give you some points too. The points raise your name in your friend's friend list, if they choose to see who has the highest points in their list.