The Gadgets Section

are items always available in Respawnables, each able to provide benefits to the user. There are four types of gadgets: Offensive gadgets, Defensive gadgets, Tactical gadgets and Knife gadget. More gadgets are unlocked as you level up and although they can be quite costly and overall optional when in a fight, it might just save your life, one way or another. There are, however, gadgets that are event-specific and can only be obtained by participating in the event, such as the Halloween Grenades.

Offensive Gadgets Edit

Offensive Gadgets are mostly grenades, and are usually capable of dealing damage and killing your enemies. There are currently 5 categories of Offensive Gadgets currently, and they are:

Explosive Edit



Energy Edit

Non-Damage Edit

Tactical GadgetsEdit

Tactical Gadgets are mainly used as traps or baits to damage or kill unwary enemies. They are usually laid on the ground, waiting for it's victim. Currently, there are 2 categories of Tactical Gadgets, and they are:

Explosive Edit

Energy Edit

Defensive GadgetsEdit

Defensive Gadgets are gadgets that strengthen the user. They can provide special boosts that may assist the user in certain ways, such as surviving longer in combat.

Knife Gadget Edit

Being the unique type of gadget, the Ballistic Knife is the only Gadget that is considered a Knife Gadget.

Gadget GuidesEdit

For a quick, simple, and very understandable guide, check it here!

Otherwise, to counter any of these gadgets, check it here!

Trivia Edit

  • You are UNABLE to use gadgets (except health) while reloading, so if you are a compulsive reloader, this may be your downfall as you are unable to attack a hostile player for a few seconds.
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