Use the power of the Master of Wind to claim your domain over the Storm.
— Game Description
A Pack added during its own event, Demons of the Storm for $11.99(USD) Dollar1 and also within Storm Mastery for $34.99(USD) Dollar1. It would sell once again for $7.99(USD) Dollar1.


  • Mortal Fujin's Head - 12% Health, Increases health by 25% when carrying shotguns. Extra - Increases damage by 50% against the demon Raijin.
  • Mortal Fujin's Chest - 12% Health, When your life is in danger, you get a 50% damage boost.
  • Mortal Fujin's Pants - 7% Agility, Increases speed by 25% for 3 seconds when using a weapon skill.

Strategy Edit

In its respective event, the head was useful against players who had bought Raijin, as well as increasing health with Shotguns, increased damage while low on health, and increasing your speeds whenever you used the characters weapon. While the equipment certainly does not stand out, even in its own event, it does have a strategy plan, and that is Run And Gun as the gear is best suited for pellet weapons, as they can make use of dangerous life threatening scenarios that will activate the 50% damage bonus, and the Legs can be used to add a burst of speed to get up close to enemies.

Sadly, much like the gear, the weapon included is almost impractical, even in its own event as it lacks range, damage, reload, fire rate, and well quite frankly just about everything that would have saved this weapon; arguably this is one of the worst paid Shotguns just barely rising above the Proton Shotgun. It does have a strategy though, and that is Run And Gun, being that it requires close distance almost always to land critical injuries.


  • This bundle is inspired by the Japanese God of Wind, Fujin; one of Japans most popular mythos.

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