The Football Fever is an Update that went live on iOS on the 12th June 2014 and on Android on the 13th June and updated The Respawnables to version 2.1.1 It is a reference to the Soccer World Cup 2014 which started on the same day as the update.

  • Football Fever Logo.
  • Football Fever Loading Screen.

Football Fever In Shop.

The Football Fever Event adds another section to the Shop between the Body Armor and the Leg Armor sections, that section is called "Football Fever", it adds 36 different wearable Football Shirts which are worn by the countries during the World Cup and 4 different alternative versions of the Brazilian, Spanish, American and German shirts.

All of the Football Shirts were available at level 50 and costed real currency. All of them provided a 7% Agility boost. When purchased, the shirts moved to the Body Armor section of the shop.

The Football Fever ended on 16th July 2014.

Football ShirtsEdit


All Football Fever Shirts

The following list displays all Football shirts available for purchase during the Football Fever update:

  1. Brazil (Shirt)
  2. Brazil (B) (Shirt)
  3. Spain (Shirt)
  4. Spain (B) (Shirt)
  5. USA (Shirt)
  6. USA (B) (Shirt)
  7. Gemany (Shirt)
  8. Germany (B) (Shirt)
  9. England (Shirt)
  10. Italy (Shirt)
  11. Argentina (Shirt)
  12. Netherlands (Shirt)
  13. France (Shirt)
  14. Russia (Shirt)
  15. Korea Republic (Shirt)
  16. Japan (Shirt)
  17. Mexico (Shirt)
  18. Ghana (Shirt)
  19. Cameroon (Shirt)
  20. Portugal (Shirt)
  21. Nigeria (Shirt)
  22. Iran (Shirt)
  23. Bosnia and Herzegovina (Shirt)
  24. Honduras (Shirt)
  25. Ecuador (Shirt)
  26. Switzerland (Shirt)
  27. Costa Rica (Shirt)
  28. Uruguay (Shirt)
  29. Ivory Coast (Shirt)
  30. Algeria (Shirt)
  31. Greece (Shirt)
  32. Colombia (Shirt)
  33. Australia (Shirt)
  34. Chile (Shirt)
  35. Croatia (Shirt)
  36. Belgium (Shirt)


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