Fluffy is an Elite Enemy that was present in the April Fools' Day 2 and April Fools' Day 3 Events. It gives Rainbow Juice when hit and is very similar to the Great Nian.

This cute-looking creature has way more health than you think! Even a thousand shots from the buffed-up Rookie Machine Gun can barely take it down. Also, don't be fooled by the cute appearance, as this thing can kill like the Great Nian!

Strategy Edit

The only way to defeat the boss it to continuously shoot at it. Be wary of its attack as the shockwave emitted from it can kill you, just like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and the Great Nian, so back away when required.

CAUTION: Unlike the previous bosses, gadgets such as the Ghost Clamp Trap and the Stun Grenade will have NO EFFECT on Fluffy.

  • A Picture of Fluffy
  • The Best Way to Kill Him: "trap" him into a corner.
  • Fluffy "dissappears" after being killed.
  • Being killed by Fluffy.
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