Flame stuck near the porch in Snow Villiage


Flame attacking an Enemy in Royal Gardens

Respawnables Elite Enemy 5 Flame

Respawnables Elite Enemy 5 Flame

Flame is an elite enemy that is encountered as soon as Frozen Bay has been unlocked. He's equipped with the Guitar Machine Gun that has a high rate of firing along with high damage.


Flame prefers to attack his enemies briefly then he will make an attempt to fall back when he is being overwhelmed or reloading. Avoid close range combat as his Guitar Machine Gun can deal considerable damage in a small frame of time, Shotguns and any weapon with high damage will be enough to kill flame and also bots such as Vulcan Dynamite and Rocket Crush are capable of weakening him giving the player a chance to finish him off. Use weapons which are long or medium range to attack him without getting serious damage.


He uses the Guitar Machine Gun, a weapon of an excellent damage and accuracy, great range and decent agility. To cover up his agility, he wears 2 agility boosting armors. The weapon isn't upgraded, which means the weapon he wields only have 80 bullets per clip instead of 120.

For his equipment, Flame wears:


  • Flame appears to look like a Greaser, a type of rock and roll hooligan during the 20s-50s that were inspired by Elvis Presley.
  • Flame's appearance may also be familiar to freddy Mercury a banjo player.
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