Was a weapon introduced during Splash Wars that was included with the Wereshark Pack , and has a close counterpart, the Dual Flaky Machine Guns , which were included in the Werefish Set. It deals heavy damage, and boasts great agility.


Unlike many other Assault Rifles the Flaky Machine Gun, is most suitable in close range combat where it can kill an enemy in only three shots (with low armor). Although it does posses some major flaws, while on one hand it may be able to yield high damage, it's flaws can not go without question. It's mid-range damage begins to drop off quickly and at long ranges it deals no damage at all. Moreover, the reload is below average for an Assault Rifle, clocking in at about 2.3 seconds and with the Burning Spirit II , at 1.9 seconds; to make matters worse it's fire rate is underwhelming, and can be easily be overwhelmed by high capacity weapons. 

Fortunately, there are items out there that can redeem this weapon, such as the "El Gato" Vest , which increases reload speed by 30% with assault weapons, and equipping the Glass Cannon mastery can make this weapon far more powerful, killing enemies in only two shots. Another key aspect to the weapon that should be noted is it's high agility, where most Assault Rifles sit comfortably in 3 or 2 Agility this machine gun has no issue in 4; because of that, this weapon can subdue many launcher weapons. 

The best way to play with this weapon is a run and gun style, hit enemies as soon as they make it into your cross-hairs, and take advantage of speed buffs and the active skill when you can, that way even with a slower reload time, your enemy wont have time react to the Flaky Machine Gun in close quarters. In larger maps like Frozen Bay and Royal Gardens find enclosed areas that can sustain your health against snipers and heavy weapons, whilst also avoiding shotgun mains. Against tank mains, be sure to use a strafe tactic to become less predictable and much harder to hit, avoid head-on encounters, use your surroundings to your advantage.

Weapon AnalysisEdit


  • Great damage, even without the Glass Cannon mastery equipped
  • High agility
  • Water-Based weapon
  • Active skill that temporarily stops the targeted enemies movement
  • Can be buffed with specific items


  • Slow fire rate
  • Low ammunition
  • Slow reload time
  • Low range
  • Outclassed by Dual Flaky Machine Guns
  • Can be nerfed significantly 



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