The Fire Molotov is a Gadget introduced in Zombies vs. Zombies Update. Unlike most Offensive Gadgets, this molotov explodes upon impact.


The outer layer of this molotov is made of (presumably steel) instead of a breakable glass. It also has an AtomDrome logo on it, which means that AtomDrome may have created this gadget.


The Fire Molotov deals EXTREMELY high Damage and has a large blast radius in return for slow projectile speed. You can use this gadget to kill your enemy(s) from afar. You need to predict your enemy's movement to use this gadget because of its slow speed. You need to be very careful using this gadget because of its large blast radius, you can get auto-killed easily. If you are in a close encounter with an enemy, you should be backing off before using this gadget. If your enemy(s) is/are still not dead by the explosion, it will burn your enemy too, causing small damage over time that will most likely to kill them afterwards.

This gadget also can be used in the Hordes mode. When there are a lot of zombies incoming, you can use this molotov to kill most of them at once. This allows you to get the most out of this gadget. Again, please be careful when you are using it as you can get auto-killed easily.


  • The Vamp-Shotgun's active skill involves using this gadget!
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