• Fiesta Town
  • Fiesta Town, as seen on the menu.
  • Overview of Fiesta Town
Fiesta Town is a different version of the Sandtown map added for the Mexican Fiesta Event on 10th of September 2015. It is just Sandtown with some Mexico-related details like pinatas, balloons, garlands and confetti. The balloons and pinatas don't have a special effect like popping and therefore cannot be destroyed. During the Mexican Fiesta (Update), Sandtown was replaced by this. It made its return during the Mexican Fiesta 2 (Update).

Location Edit

It is still in the of the Middle East market, except with Mexican Fiesta features which includes raining confetti, garlands in many different colors and black- striped exploding barrels, making it the first map with Mexican Fiesta style to make an appearance in Respawnables.

Strategy Edit

Play it like you normally would in Sandtown. But the falling confetti reduce the visibility for a bit, so it will be harder to see in this map. The vision is also interfered by the pinatas. Because of this, players are likely to miss a lot of chances to attack enemies. The sniping points throughout the map also get a reduce in effectiveness at sniping since there is a lot of distractions and obstacles.

Trivia Edit

  • A few of the garlands had triangles with an eye inside them, next to it the AtomDrome logo.
  • The explosive barrels are also differently textured here.
  • The Fiesta Town made a comeback during the Mexican Fiesta 2 (Update).
  • The theme at the start was also different.