The Fastest Gunslinger Update was released on the 12th of May that cut short the Mexican Fiesta 2 (Event) by a few days.

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  • Spotter has a longer cooldown time thus nerfing it, and only shows the location of players only for a brief 4 seconds.

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It’s a showdown! Are you ready to become the fastest?

Wipe the rust from your gun and compete in this new Event to win a load of free prizes.

  • Be the first to draw your gun in this trigger-happy event! If you want to be the best you will need the Outlaw Pack.
  • Feel the Wild West on your skin. No target will be able to run away from your gun!
  • Complete your "Respawnables Set" and become the leader of your team with the Black Beret Kit.
  • Expand your weapons collection with the Freedom Revolver and Revolver skin just by completing tiers. Two strong weapons for free!
  • Prove you are the fastest and complete the event to get the Pocket Pistol- a small, fast, lightweight gun that will allow you to move swiftly through the arena.
  • Loads of free Gadgets to win and use at your disposal!
  • Try out the new revamped Spotter and let us know what you think.

In this Event you have to prove you're the fastest. Draw your gun and shoot before they shoot you. Arm yourself with the Outlaw Pack and enjoy the new Outlaw Revolver. Shoot quicker than anyone. Ten tiers full of skill and great prizes are waiting for you.

Remember, all the items you get during the event are yours to keep forever.

-- Thank you all for your feedback, new updates and events coming soon! --

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