Fast and Angry I is a Mastery added in the 5 Year Anniversary (Update). It increases the damage of the player’s weapon by 1% for 15 seconds when they get a kill for a maximum of 10% damage boost. Getting a kill resets the timer and neglecting to get a kill for 15 seconds or dying resets the boost. It costs 50 Common Respawnites.
List of Masteries
Common Masteries Celebration ISpiky Skin IBurning Spirit IBurning Spirit IIFast And Angry IHeadshot!
Rare Masteries Celebration IIBurning Spirit IIIFast And Angry IISpiky Skin IIDiamonita Core IFast And Angry III
Legendary Masteries Glass CannonZombie BullRock Endurance SkillLucky Last BulletAztec Sword Skill
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