The Falling Star is an energy bow introduced on the Winter Games Update as part of the Cute Santa Pack.

This Bow came back in the Archery Tournament 2 Event.

Weapon AnalysisEdit

Advantages Edit

  • Excellent agility
  • Energy weapon so can be buffed by certain equipments
  • Arrow have a large blast radius, allowing for collateral or multi-kills.
  • Capable of Fast fire emptying it's clip in less than 2 seconds

Disadvantages Edit

  • Damage is rather low for a Bow with a blast radius, especially compared to the Explosive Crossbow or the Booming Bow.
  • Damage is proportional to the draw of each arrow. So, facing protection buffing gear like Knight's Curiass is challenging.
  • Low Auto-Aim assistance

Trivia Edit

  • The bow arms on the Falling Star actually flex like a real recurve bow, except this bow doesn’t use a string to propel the arrow nor is it a recurve bow.