Explosive Barrel
Explosive Barrel Kill

Being killed by an Explosive Barrel

Explosive Barrels are improvised explosive devices that explode when damaged by any weapon or offensive gadget. There are lots of exploding barrels in every map. They are used to damage the enemy but beware; they can damage you as well. They can be used as traps or used in conjunction with a weapon such as the Bazooka and the Howitzer Gun to make a large explosive trap. They can also be set off by a sniper rifle to get people from afar when you can't get the headshot on them. 


Snow Village & Nocturnal SnowfallEdit


The barrels resemble real gas tanks that are usually used for cooking.


The barrels have decorative spider webs and a pumpkin or a skull on top of it.

Holiday TownEdit

Holiday Explosive Barrel

The barrels are in the form of fireworks in a box, which when explode, shoot a beautiful scenery of fireworks above the explosion into the sky.

Saint Patrick Update Edit

Explosive Barrel (St. Patricks)

The barrel are made to look like a wooden cask, which is painted green and white with a green shamrock on the middle.

How to counterEdit

  • Never try to be battling and then stand by it. Enemies can use this as an advantage and kill you easily, unless you are wearing explosive resisting armors.
  • If you're going to camp somewhere near an explosive barrel, then shoot it from a distance and then proceed to do so.



  • Some machine guns usually take 2-3 shots to make an explosive barrel detonate but powerful weapons, such as the Double Barrel Shotgun, Revolver or any Sniper would make a barrel explode with one shot.
    • Some automatic guns, however, only take one bullet to make a barrel explode, such as the Minigun and Stig Rifle.
  • 3 barrel explosions are equivalent to 2 Thumper explosions, in terms of damage.
  • It takes about 5 explosive barrels to kill a player using Red Hero Armor.
  • There are 6 explosive barrels in every map.


Here is a video made by Spooky Rish showcasing exploding barrels.

Exploding Barrels For Respawnables Wikia

Exploding Barrels For Respawnables Wikia

This was made by Spooky Stork Running Wild

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