The Energy Grenade is a Gadget that was introduced in the Ghostbusters 30th (Event). It costs 25 GoldIcon which gives 25 grenades. Also, 25 Energy Grenades are acquired for free when you start the game (but only if you started playing when the Ghostbusters event was added in).


The Energy Grenade is similar to a normal grenade and it has the detonation time of the Hand Grenades. The effect is pretty useful; it can kill anyone in one explosion except for those who have armor that boosts health (at least 5% or higher). The Energy Grenade also can slow down enemies in it's blast radius radius (indicated by it's glowing whitish sphere) and prevents them from shooting (pretty much stunning them). Once a player is inside the sphere, the player will be stunned, slowed down, and damaged.


  • Those who wear Ghostbusters Pants can't be slowed down, plus if they wear Ghostbusters Jacket, they would only receive half the damage, while wearing any Explosives-resistance armors would also reduce its damage as well (such as either the Red Hero Armor or the Anti-Explosive Pack). Although they still won't be able to shoot, but they can still can reload.
  • For 25 grenades at the price of 25 GoldIcon, which means it is 1 GoldIcon per grenade. Thus this weapon is considered as the cheapest Gold priced gadget, alongside with the Dynamite.
  • People prefer the Stun Grenade to stun people rather than this gadget as it costs only 750 Cash icon and had a faster activation time.
  • The stun blast is quite huge, as people that stands slightly outside the glowing whitish sphere would still be caught.


Respawnables - Energy Grenade

Respawnables - Energy Grenade

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