The Elysium Update was a new update for Respawnables by Zynga. This was also the first time it featured a new slot called "Armor". Because of that, the player is given a full set of buffs. There was only one armor, which is the Exosuit (until the Chinese New Year update). This was preceeded by the Movie Content Update and followed by the Halloween Update 2013.

New FeaturesEdit

Elysium Update

The poster for the update


  • Chemrail (a machine gun with excellent damage, great range, excellent accuracy and moderate agility)
  • Double Barrel Shotgun (a shotgun with excellent damage, poor range, poor accuracy and great agility)
  • Siege Cannon (a heavy weapon with excellent damage, great range, moderate accuracy and moderate agility)
  • Plasma Punch (an energy based hand gun with great damage, moderate range, excellent accuracy and excellent agility)


  • Immunity Shield (protects the player from any type of damage for a short period of time)






Armors (a new category)Edit

  • Exosuit (provides 20% agility, 10% accuracy and 5% health


  • Level cap is raised to level 40


  • This was the second update ever in Respawnables. At the time, this was huge and it still is today.
  • A new section was created in the game, which is the Armors section.
  • The second snow-themed map was released, which is the Frozen Bay map.


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