• An explosion by the Elf Grenade
  • Elf grenade in shop
"Elves work hard all year to have everything ready for Santa's big night. These colorful explosives are just something to prevent possible problems.".

Elf Grenades are seasonal gadgets that were available only during the Holiday Update for both the Holiday Update (2013) and the Holiday Update (2014). They where purchasable for 750 Cash icon for 5 grenades. You can only buy this gadget during the Holiday Updates

Besides the unique look, these hand grenades do a colorful explosion, comparable to a firework and the Easter Grenade.

They basically have the same stats as normal Hand Grenades , taking 2 seconds to detonate before wounding any enemy within the blast radius.
Respawnables - Elf Grenades

Respawnables - Elf Grenades

To know how to counter these grenades, click here.


  • It has the same sound and animation as Fireworks Cart's bullets when exploding!
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