Eastside District was a map that was introduced in the Urban Update and can only be played after obtaining a rank of 35. However you can still play on the map with a level lower than 35 by playing on the online multiplayer.


The map itself behaves similar to Sandtown as the area is obstructed with cars that provide complete protection against bullets but not so useful to shield explosives, it also consists of two buildings that can be entered (except for the clinic and the bar) along with narrow streets and a construction yard that takes the player up to the highest possible vantage point which can be used for sniping. Most of the fighting will take place in the streets or near the construction yard. Explosive, long range and close range weapons are popular.


  • Many players were confused because of the map has turnarounds that result being attacked by an enemy. There are actually heaps of snipers who use this map, mainly hunter rifles. Its highest vantage points can cover pretty much every section of the map. People sometimes don't snipe as it is dangerous. They either have other players to protect them, or move quickly.
  • Eastside District may be located in either South America or Spain since the Signs are in a Spanish dialect.
  • There is a spawn point in a truck that is elevated up so other players can't reach you. If a player spawns there, they will use it as a camping spot.
  • There are a few mistakes in this map. Some doors seem to lead to apartment rooms but actually if you open the door, you will fall out of the buildings as the backs of the doors are just walls. Guess the makers can't make the map too complicated though as it will be too big.
  • It was replaced by Westside District during the Easter Holiday Update