Easter Grenades are special gadgets that were available during the Easter Holiday Update. They can be purchased during Easter Events. When on sale, they costed 750 Cash icon for 5 Grenades.


In the original Easter Egg Hunt, these grenades could be used to increase your chance of getting eggs from enemies, so some people used Stake Launcher with these to get more eggs.

After the event, these grenades became the same as normal grenades, with an exception: If someone is using the Easter Bunny Vest, they become immune to these grenades, rendering them useless.

Pros And ConsEdit


  • These grenades were helpful during the Easter Event.
  • They were the same price as Hand Grenades.


  • They are only purchasable during Easter Events.
  • Since players don't drop eggs anymore, these grenades don't help much and function the same as grenades.
  • Using this grenade on someone who is wearing the Easter Bunny Vest is totally useless since the Vest allows the player to be immune to the Easter Grenade.
  • After the event they are just like normal grenades.


  • It is one of the two grenades that were released in Easter Holiday Update. The other being the Super Easter Grenade.
  • When it explodes, the explosion resembles the explosion of fireworks.
    • In fact, the Fireworks Cart has the same animation when fired as the grenades when exploding!
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The Easter Grenade in real life

Easter Grenade View
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