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The Easter Egg Hunt 2 is a seasonal event of the Respawnables as a remake of the original Easter Egg Hunt event. The event came out on 20th March 2015. The main objective was to collect as many Easter Eggs as you could, Easter Eggs dropped randomly every time you killed a player.

The Easter Egg drop rate could be increased by killing someone with an Easter Grenade or a Super Easter Grenade, normal Easter Grenade made the drop rate 50%, while the Super Easter Grenades made it 100%. There is also a chance that a bundle of three eggs can be dropped instead of one.


Tier Prize Easter Eggs Required
1 15 x Easter Grenades 5 Easter Eggs
2 Easter Bunny Ears 10 Easter Eggs
3 25 x Easter Grenades 20 Easter Eggs
4 25 x Easter Grenades 35 Easter Eggs
5 Easter Bunny Legs 55 Easter Eggs
6 35 x Easter Grenades 75 Easter Eggs
7 35 x Easter Grenades 100 Easter Eggs
8 Easter Bunny Vest 130 Easter Eggs
9 50 x Easter Grenades 150 Easter Eggs
10 75 x Easter Grenades 170 Easter Eggs
11 25 GoldIcon Gold 190 Easter Eggs
12 15 x Super Easter Grenades 210 Easter Eggs
13 50 GoldIcon Gold 230 Easter Eggs
14 20 x Super Easter Grenades 250 Easter Eggs
15 Hunter Shotgun 270 Easter Eggs
Total 1900 Easter Eggs

Post-event challengeEdit

Once all tiers have been completed, you can do a small task (also mentioned in the loading screens) which earns you 1 GoldIcon. To earn it, you must kill a player wearing any part of the Easter Bunny set (Head, vest or legs) using the Hunter Shotgun or Hunter Rifle. For every kill, you earn 1 GoldIcon (or 2 GoldIcon if you have the Double Gold Booster).


  • If you are skilled with the Hunter Shotgun and/or Hunter Rifle and have plenty of time, this event can earn you a lot of gold (at least more than the gold you earn from farming Elite Enemies unless there aren't a lot of players with bunny costumes around).
  • This Event was made easier for some after a YouTube video was shared that showed how to use a glitch to advance the tiers by keeping the eggs won from a previously-completed tier, thereby reducing the time and effort needed to complete each tier; thus, the final prize can be earned with minimal effort for some.


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