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The Easter Egg Hunt was the first event in the Respawnables, released in the Easter Holiday Update. The main objective was to collect as many Easter Eggs as you could, Easter Eggs dropped randomly every time you killed a player. The Easter Egg drop rate could be increased by killing someone with an Easter Grenade or a Super Easter Grenade, the normal Easter Grenade made the drop rate 50%, while the Super Easter Grenade made it 100%. The more Easter Eggs collected, more prizes you would earn, including the Hunter Rifle. This event is currently EXPIRED.

Easter Egg Hunt


Tier Prize Easter Eggs Required
1 50 x Easter Grenades 3 Easter Eggs
2 Blunderbuss (+Gold Skin) 10 Easter Eggs
3 Easter Bunny Ears 25 Easter Eggs
4 Revolver (+Water Pistol Skin) 45 Easter Eggs
5 Easter Bunny Legs 75 Easter Eggs
6 Double Barrel Shotgun (+Yellow Stripes Skin) 100 Easter Eggs
7 Easter Bunny Vest 150 Easter Eggs
8 Hunter Rifle 200 Easter Eggs
Total 608 Easter Eggs

Post-event challengeEdit

Once all of the tiers have been completed, you can do a small task (also mentioned in the loading screens) which earns you 1 GoldIcon or 2 GoldIcon(with the Double Gold Booster). To earn it, you must kill a player wearing any part of the Easter Bunny set (Head, vest or legs) using the Hunter Rifle. For every kill, you earn 1 GoldIcon or 2 GoldIcon (with the Double Gold Booster).


Hunter Rifle
  • You could earn the Blunderbuss, Revolver and the Double Barrel Shotgun even without paying a lot of cash and gold, but you still have to collect Easter Eggs to earn them. The Easter Bunny Set can also be claimed.
  • This was the game's first event that yielded prizes for doing tiers.
  • Since this event is a yearly event, it's most likely that it and all its prizes will come back, but probably with something new (e.g. GoldIcon rewards, Cash icon rewards, Super Grenades rewards, etc.).
  • If you are skilled with the Hunter Rifle and have plenty of time, this event can earn you a lot of  GoldIcon (at least more than the  GoldIcon you earn from farming Elites unless there aren't a lot of players with bunny costumes around).
  • In 2016, the easter event was replaced by the Saint Patrick (Event).

LordHazanator's MemoirsEdit

This event was what sparked the craze for new events in Respawnables! It was something fresh and new, and at the time we had no weapon skins in the game. These skins were unique and it gave players three of the best weapons in the game for free at the time. The Blunderbuss, The Revolver, and The Double Barrel Shotgun. The Easter Bunny set was brilliant, I mean who wouldn't want to be the Easter Bunny with 21% Agility running around all over the place? After this event, we had even better events but I will still remember the fun I had with this first event back in 2014.


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